How To Hack Six Guns For Android – the easy way

Here’s how to hack Six Guns the easy way. This method does require root. Six Guns hacked files: This video is for information purposes only, I am not responsible for anything the end user does with this information.

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8 Responses to “How To Hack Six Guns For Android – the easy way”

  1. TheSmokingAndroid says:

    Is your device rooted? Do you have a root file manager?
    If so, you simply copy and paste the hacked files into the folder i show you in the video. it will do it all by itself. =)

  2. randhawapavan1 says:

    how i can merge the files in samsung galaxy tablet 10.1..???

  3. Bellazdaddy2007 says:

    Awesome Thanks dude!!!

  4. kalash156 says:

    @8:35 A scythe

  5. ProdigyB0ss says:

    Love being first. :D

  6. lrobles787 says:

    Sweet tutorial***

  7. MrAaron7974 says:

    gotta get this apk now. thx dude.

  8. ActionMax09 says:

    Live being 3rd

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