Android PC – Can Android run on a PC? Kinda. Depends on how you define “PC.” Even so, Android wasn’t necessarily optimized to be run on anything other than a touchscreen device.

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25 Responses to “Android PC”

  1. dfr343 says:

    I would never use Android as a desktop operating system. No file manager application, touching a vertical surface is asinine (Apple agreed), and it is not entirely open source. As Google’s operating system it is a giant piece of spyware. Tech corporations ranged from most evil to less evil: Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Nintendo.

  2. bmw2go11 says:

    @KAMIKORUSU froyo ftw

  3. bmw2go11 says:

    you can actually build a pc running windows for well under 99$
    not the latest and greatest, but enough to browse the internet use office and occasionally play a few flash games.

  4. CobaltFoxStudio says:

    There is a netbook at my work for $99 that runs on Android, made by Craig Electronics model #: CLP281.

  5. iDiggMGL says:

    @NZappletech Well, pills are drugs. You’d have to be dodgy to take any kind of drug, regardless of what a doctor prescribes you.

  6. iamnottomgreen says:

    Asus TF, waiting on the ICS update. Checkmate.

  7. H3rBz92 says:

    Well they are designing Android for x86. So sooner or later you will be able to run it on your desktop or laptop PC.

  8. Ripafartstudios says:

    @iDiggMGL Alright, i’ll just stop taking my medication that prevents me from having seizures every five seconds. :)

  9. rjc34 says:

    @tcpnet Funny, all I see is a 1GHz tablet with a very low rez screen.

  10. hady1100 says:

    Asus eeepad offers a keyboard dock with a tocuhpad u can even conect a usb mouse

  11. FreeForAllGamerz says:

    at a drug store?

  12. treyatl2006 says:

    I actually disagree with you Chris. Out of all the tablets or mobile OS, I think Android would probably work the best on a PC. Plus Honey Comb is on Google TV and the apps work on it seamlessly. You can’t get any closer to a desktop experience than Google TV. Plus Android has support for USB hosting integrated.

  13. QuincyJon3s says:

    $99 tablet = a piece of shit resistive touch turd android

  14. predoje says:

    Ok, Chris thank you for you answer.You answered my question in details.

  15. LKodiak says:

    Android is more than a great mobile/tablet OS, but for laptop/server… Nah…

  16. MoreBoingPlox says:

    @iamnottomgreen I’m presuming you haven’t used the device.

  17. Mcode3996 says:

    Man, Im gona get the galaxy nexus for Verizon and root it so I can remove bloatware(b/c Verizon is a dick and puts bloatware on what’s suppose to be pure google phone) and just to piss Verizon off Ill get free tethering!(Other than bloatware and Lte I think its the same as the other gn’s.)

  18. 3y3n5tyn says:

    Watching this video was a waste of time. Particularly because the android emulator is used for development specifically and the architecture Windows was built for is different from ARM CPU’s hence the incompatibility. A tablet OS is not the same as a desktop OS, if they were, apps would be easily transferable but they aren’t but that’s more based on program language than OS and using the libraries specific for that device…anyway just thought i should let you know…so you can give a better ans

  19. tcpnet says:

    @rjc34 sure.

  20. rjc34 says:

    @tcpnet I found it (not at your link, it was dead, but a couple more on RFD). Can’t seem to find it for sale at $129 though. Amazon is $199 and another place is $150.

  21. tcpnet says:

    @rjc34 You’re looking at the Novo 7 Basic. Here is the advanced one: (just put this at the end of redflagdeals . com


  22. SqeakyGoldfish says:

    I think Android should be made for PCs to give people a cheap and easy alternative to Microsoft Windows.

  23. BassPounderX says:

    chris have you tryed the windows 8 dev preview? if so what do you think about it so far

  24. Jallandhara says:

    0:30 – 0:44

    Condescension: The trait of displaying arrogance by patronizing those considered inferior.

    Try toning it down a couple notches when someone asks a sincere question, bro.

  25. andrewsecinore1 says:

    Can you run the android OS on a iPad or iPod Touch or possibly an iPhone

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